Introduction to Ballet Body

What is Ballet Body?

We are a ballet-inspired fitness method and fitness regime, created by The Royal Academy of Dance trained and registered Ballet teacher, Barre trained and PBT certified Allanah. Allanah's professional expertise provides the Ballet Body brand with an authenticity incomparable to any fitness or gym workout. Inspired by a dancers’ daily training routine, every exercise, stretch, and movement is designed to help build strength, grace, elegance, and flexibility. All of this helps to sculpt and tone specific muscle groups through bodyweight training and cardio exercises. Ballet Body brings the artistry and athleticism of classical Ballet into your everyday life. Ballet Body offers a fresh and uniquely artistic approach to exercise, fitness, and health.

How can I work out with Ballet Body?

You can become a Ballet Body member online and workout with us through an online monthly, bi-annual, or annual subscription. Ballet Body NZ is home to our Wellington-based studio where we offer exclusive group classes and one-on-one private training. Online private training is also available. Please read through our terms and conditions and privacy policy before beginning our workout or signing up. Always check with your doctor or health expert before beginning any exercise program.

I have never danced or done ballet before, can I still workout with Ballet Body?

Yes of course! Our workouts are designed to be accessible to everybody and all abilities, with or without any dance or ballet experience. Beginners are welcomed and encouraged to jump right into our online streaming videos, group classes, or private training sessions.

I am a beginner, where should I start?

Our Online Monthly Workout Plans offers the most comprehensive training available for those who do not know where to start. If you’re just getting started, you can search for 'beginner' in the filters of our streaming videos section.

How many days I week should I train online to see and feel results?

The more you are able to do our online workouts, the more it will do for you! We recommend a minimum of 3 hours a week for optimal results and recommend one true rest day a week as well. We also understand that life is very busy and you may not have 3 or more hours a week to train. We have been there, too! We have different time lengths of videos to suit anyone with different schedules.

Do I need any gear to use the online studio?

The beauty of our workouts means that wherever you are in the world, you are able to do our workouts without any gear. That being said, if you do want to make things more challenging for yourself, you can add 1-2kg weights to your workouts.​ Always make sure you use a towel underneath your back when doing the floor exercises and ab work. If you have a yoga/pilates mat you can use that also.

How do I use the online studio workout videos?

To begin, pick the part of the body that you are wanting to train and sculpt. It is just like having an at-home personal trainer. For example, pick from the category filter, 'arms', or 'upper body'. From there you will be shown all of the appropriate workouts associated with that part of the body. Each video is around the 15min mark. This is so you can pick and choose what workouts you would like to piece together to create your own full-body workout. You can pick and choose your workout type and length depending on how much time you can dedicate to a workout each day.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a paid plan, login to your account and click on 'My Subscriptions'. From there you will be able to cancel your plan. If you come across any issues with this, you can also email allanah@balletbody.co.nz and this will be sorted for you. Alternatively, use the chat bar down below for a quick response.



​I am interested in a group class, how do I go about booking this?

Our exclusive weekly group classes are an intimate way to receive instruction and correction from our trainers while participating in our barre community. We only offer group classes at Ballet Body Wellington Studio. You can view our group class schedule here, or by clicking on the Training tab in the menu tab and then selecting “Group Classes”. There you can sign up for a class by clicking on the “Book a Group Class” button. This will take you to check out the section. There you can decide to pay for one class or purchase packages for a discounted rate. Each class costs $20.

I am interested in private training, how do I book a session?

Private training is our most personalised form of training with each workout custom-tailored to your individual needs. Allanah will help you create a workout that fits your fitness goals perfectly! Sessions can take place at our Wellington CBD studio or online. For information about our packages and pricing, click here.

What should I wear for a class?

Barre socks or ballet flats are required but optional for each class. You can also do our classes in bare feet. Form-fitting or loose-fitting clothing that you are able to move freely in is a must! You have to feel comfortable at the end of the day. You will need to bring a water bottle, yoga/pilates mat, and a towel is optional.

Have more questions? Send us a message below on our chatbox and we will reply as soon as we can!

Group Classes and Private Training