Ballet Body has something for everyone. Private personalised training and groups fitness classes based in Wellington, New Zealand. Our Online Studio offers streaming workouts tailored to your fitness goals and availability. Whether you are a too busy to join a gym, travel a lot, or just want to workout in the comfort of your own home, Ballet Body Fitness workouts are for you.

Workout Online​

To access our online studio and start your free trial, you need to choose a plan option:



Ballet Body Online workouts are designed for you. Our workout method in the online studio, fuses strength and conditioning training with classical ballet principles and technique. Ballet Body uses your body as resistance to create long, lean and sculpted muscles. You do not need ANY dance experience. Our workouts are results driven that will improve your posture, balance, flexibility and strength. Sign up now for access to loads of fun and challenging ballet-inspired workouts for all levels. Stream to any device, whenever, wherever.

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Group Classes

Group classes are based in Wellington CBD New Zealand. Float in, float out as you please. All bodies are welcome.

In-person Private Training

This is all about you. Boutique personalised training based in our Wellington Studio. Book now to reach your personal goals.

Virtual Private Training

Live anywhere in the world? No worries. Book in a personalised session via Zoom straight from your living room.

Online Streaming Studio

Unlimited Barre and Pilates workouts, customisable programs and monthly plans all at your fingertips, designed for you. Sign up for a free trial today.

What makes Ballet Body different from a gym workout?

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Ballet-inspired fitness for everybody

Inspired by a dancers’ daily training routine, every exercise, stretch and movement is designed to help build strength, grace, elegance and flexibility. All of this helps to sculpt and tone specific muscle groups, through body weight training and low impact cardio exercises. It is safe for all levels and abilities.

What is Ballet Body?

Ballet Body brings the artistry and athleticism of classical Ballet into your everyday life. Ballet Body offers a fresh and unique approach to exercise, movement, and well-being. We are not just about fitness, we are also about community and creating a safe place to move your body.

Barre Fitness

Barre classes have inspired a whole new genre in the fitness industry. Our Barre workouts target and sculpt long, lean muscles in the legs, butt, core, and upper body. Ballet Body Fitness is here to serve a global audience through our Online Workout Studio streaming videos, along with exclusive group classes and one-on-one private training available in studios located in Wellington, New Zealand.

Personalised Private Training

For that added personal attention, private training is available upon request. Ballet Body private classes can be held in the privacy of your own home or at a location of your choice. You can be seen one on one, or with a small group of family or friends. Your private session will include an assessment and a personalised work out.

Group Fitness Classes

Ballet Body has classes around Wellington, New Zealand. This is open to all levels on various dates during the week. To keep up to date with the classes, click below for information and our timetable.


Hear from our lovely clients

Ballet body is by far one of my favourite workouts. It gives my body the movement I didn’t know it needed. Even with a shoulder injury Ballet Body has made it possible to make this workout work for me; super excited to have found a place that teaches me to listen to my body, stay focussed while executing the movements and feel comfortable and safe while sweating the night away.



It is great that there are strength options to meet different needs and abilities. I am a fan!


Ballet Body is an excellent full-body workout! It encompasses everything without being hard on your joints. Barre incorporates cardio while exercising all of your muscles and improving flexibility. I always leave class having had a challenging, fun and rewarding workout, while reconnecting with my body. As I've continued to go to classes, I'm able to gradually increase the difficulty. I noticed myself growing stronger, having better posture, developing muscles I never had, and feeling more confident to do other challenging physical activities. My body just feels better! I feel incredibly lucky to have found Ballet Body.

It is challenging in all the right ways. Each movement felt meaningful and freeing. Thank you for bringing a sense of strength and grace to working out.



“Our promise to you as a fitness brand, is to never speak of or advertise ‘weight loss’ or get you caught up in any new-age ‘fitness/health fad’. We believe that movement of any kind is vital to your overall wellbeing and mental health. Therefore the movement that you choose for yourself, should be enjoyable and fun — and that is also a promise from us — to keep you motivated, inspired and help you enjoy movement throughout our classes.”

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