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Once you experience the physical change that Ballet Body's method brings to your body, you won't want to go back.

The workout designed for everybody

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With over 100 videos and a brand new workout every week to choose from, you’ll find a workout for every type of mood. Allanah's unique approach and guidance will set a new standard for your body and what it deserves.

Workouts, designed for you.

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Ballet Body in your pocket.

Ballet Body Online workouts are designed for you. Our workout method in the online studio, fuses strength and conditioning training and Pilates with classical Ballet principles and technique. Ballet Body uses your body as resistance to create strong and sculpted muscles. Our workouts are results driven that will improve your posture, balance, flexibility and strength. Sign up now for access to loads of fun and challenging Barre, Pilates and Stretch workouts for all levels. Stream to any device, whenever, wherever.

  • Find the exact movement that your body needs, whenever it needs it. You can join in by using our iOS and Android apps, from your device, laptop, or air-played to your TV from our desktop site.

  • Reach your goals and stay motivated with our easy to follow programs.

Reach your goals.

Ballet Body Online Studio

What makes Ballet Body different from the rest?

  • We create a safe space for all bodies. Join our in-app community page where we can all stay motivated together.

  • Utilise our in-app group class booking system where you can book and manage your class bookings. 

  • Send a message direct from our app to chat to our team when you need assistance.

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Personalised Private Training

For that added personal attention, private training is available upon request. Ballet Body private classes can be held in the privacy of your own home or at a location of your choice. You can be seen one on one, or with a small group. Your private session will include an assessment and a personalised work out.

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Group Fitness Classes

Ballet Body has classes around Wellington, New Zealand. This is open to all levels on various dates during the week. To keep up to date with the classes, click below for information and our timetable.

Pilates, Barre and Stretch workouts how you like it.

Pilates, Barre and Stretch workouts, your way. It's easy to access favourites that allow you to personalise your experience. Find videos by duration, intensity, type, and even how sweaty (or not) you want to get.


“Our promise to you as a fitness brand, is to never speak of or advertise ‘weight loss’ or get you caught up in any new-age ‘fitness/health fad’. We believe that movement of any kind is vital to your overall wellbeing and mental health. Therefore the movement that you choose for yourself, should be enjoyable and fun — and that is also a promise from us — to keep you motivated, inspired and help you enjoy movement throughout our classes.”


" My work requires me to be sitting down in front of computer. I’ve been told by my doctor that I am the type of person who carries my stress in my shoulders, which led me to have chronic upper back pain and tension headaches. Then COVID happened, another stress that no one wanted. I like the online studio because it helps relieve my body pain. I can do it anytime in the comfort of my home. No one will judge me and I won’t be conscious about the way I look. I actually sweat more without it being tiring myself. It's relaxation plus exercise plus meditation plus everything good. Allanah uploaded something for my upper body and it helped a lot. She’s very helpful and gives all the best that she can for her clients. The shoulder pain was relieved after I did her routine. I cannot believe how much a few minutes can make my shoulder feel a lot lighter and relaxed. So if you have a 9-5 kind of job, sitting in front of a computer and gym doesn’t suit you, or you’re an introverted person, try the online studio, you won’t regret it. "

— Caroline

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